Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

There once were two girls named Mayer,

Who were smart, wise and wondrously fair.

They gave me my “Bad Jokey” name,

That shows the source of my fame.

It’s my hope that I can soon see their lair.


When I was a very young girl

I had a cat white as a pearl.

After his nap

He would sit in my lap

and there in a ball he would curl.

—Parker, Greta. GMC

There once was an old dude named Burt,

Who found a tall flower  that would squirt.

He bent down to smell

It is too sad to tell,

That his face ended up in the dirt.

— Parker, Greta, GMC

There was an old dude name Bad Jokey,

Who had a pet cat named Smokey

He came in to sit,

And got thrown in a fit,

‘Cause he found that his cat was all pokey.

— Parker, Greta, GMC

There was a young dude named Eric,

Who did not have a cousin named Derek.

When he came in the room,

He filled us with gloom,

‘Cause his farts gave us  need for some air wick.

— Parker, Greta, GMC

I know a cool woman named Nicole,

To be her friend is my goal.

She often wears her blue shower shoes,

Sadly one of her shoes she does lose.

I think it was devoured by Joel.


I have a daughter named Jill,

For her smoothies I would kill.

I don’t care what she puts in it,

MMM, she may even gin it.

Without one I feel pickled in dill.


To Nancy

Nancy’s sense of humor is in bad trouble

Maybe because mine is worse at least double.

Still she is a woman of character and strength.

In her praise I would go any length.

To see that you don’t need the Hubble.


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