Easter Joy

The two great events of the life of Jesus give us our two greatest spiritual celebrations, Christmas and Easter, To me, Easter is the more wonderful. I am 83 years old now and it will not be long before I will be 84. I am very thankful that for my age I am really very … More Easter Joy


In the Old Testament It says of Noah that “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord” I have lately taken the phrase from the Old Testament as my very own so I recite it “George has found grace in the eyes of the lord. “ I think it is my right to claim … More FAITH


The word hope is used in very many different ways. I might say I hope someone will give me a red mustang car, The likelihood of that happening is so distant that it nearly empties the word hope of meaning. Suppose a child sees a gift with his name on it under the Christmas tree, … More Hope


I remember thinking to myself that I could endure one year of the pandemic then life would revert back to normal living. I will just tough it out for awhile and then restart my normal life with lots of Al Anon meetings to be enjoyed with dear friends, I was shocked to find out that … More Masks


With wars going on in Uganda and new disease’s coming one after another . It is so true that I have so much going for me I have a question for myself. I love God when things are good for me. The question is will I still love God the same if In my life … More Trials

All Good Days

I go through a routine most days. I have that routine because of the pandemic. Before the pandemic I had a very satisfying life because of 25 years in Al Anon. I went to 3 t0 5 meetings every week. When covid 19 hit I felt in a year we would be able to get … More All Good Days

My Bad Situation

When I was in my twenties, 60 some years ago, I had a social problem. I had a very bad inferiority complex. I realize now that most people had the same problem. One Psychologist said that the question really not do you suffer in that way. Instead the question is “How Bad is it”? In … More My Bad Situation