Good Ideas

  George drives George crazy. I cannot blame anyone else. All other people ever do is reveal my hidden craziness. The always present dark side of my people pleasing is my resentment. If I meditate without following up with obedience, I end up with spiritual pride. If I try to obey without the power meditation … More Good Ideas

Guilt and Shame

GUILT AND SHAME -Guilt and shame are two distinct ideas. Guilt is culpability and does not involve feelings at all. Shame is all feelings. When I am experiencing shame I am feeling less than. I feel that I somehow don’t measure up to other people or to my picture of what I should be. Shame … More Guilt and Shame

Negative Self Talk

I recently had a talk with some of my WA state family. I said  “In all my 80 years of living my negative self talk has absolutely never once told me the truth” . However it has always come to me in the same voice that my healthiest voice. That is confusing to me. I … More Negative Self Talk

Peace With God

Peace With God…..The point of Romans is that we have peace with God. We are welcome in the presence of God. What we need is not the faith to be saved from Hell. That is such a negative perspective. We have been totally accepted, totally loved and that love and acceptance has been totally been … More Peace With God

A Deep Darkness

There is a deep darkness in my soul. It threatens to surface in a blinding boil. It began when I was just a boy Betrayed by a mother to whom I was just a toy She could manipulate to in her kind of joy.   I gave my heart to three religious efforts Missions that … More A Deep Darkness