To JoAnna

It was big, exciting news when your mother told me she was pregnant. Your family waited, with very limited patience, for you to be born. All our friends and neighbors were thrilled with us at the prospect of another Caywood child. As soon as you were born, your sisters put up a big pink flag … More To JoAnna

Peace with God

The point of Romans is that we have peace with God. We are welcome in the presence of God. What we need is not the faith to be saved from Hell. That is such a negative perspective. We have been totally accepted, totally loved and that love and acceptance has been totally been freely given … More Peace with God

Ray’s Gratitude

Union Rescue Mission had several hundred Thousand donor’s. Before the May donor mailing one year Butch came up with a brilliant idea. Since Memorial Day was coming up shortly he suggested we include a return mailer included with our next mailed request for donations. The return mailer could be filled out and mailed back with … More Ray’s Gratitude