MY Gina

I wish you could meet my Gina. She is the kind of person when you meet her you want to talk to her, Honestly, She could make a lamp post talk. One of the nice things about her is her Husband Chad. Chad is to his core kind and good. I do not think he … More MY Gina

Stale Donuts

I worked as a kitchen helper while I was in college. The head cook frequently gave me food to take home to my family. At that time we had 4 little girls. Once the cook gave me a bag of stale donuts. We all dug in and enjoyed them. After a few days we had … More Stale Donuts

God Is Love

No matter how much I think understand the depth of God’s love I am surprised that She/He loves me infinitely more. It is exciting to be ever more loved than I thought. God is never mad at me. The more I bury myself in god’s love the more I can enjoy your love Gravity, mass, … More God Is Love

Really Bad Dream

Last night I had a terrible dream. I dream’t I spit in my mothers face. I think my dream let me know I am still carrying shame from and bitterness at her and by inference some thinking about women. It is thinking I was not aware of if it is there but on the chance … More Really Bad Dream

Death Threat

I wrote this years ago. It comes to mind now to remind me that death is a part of life. Death Threat…….When I was working as President of Union Rescue Mission of Los Angeles, I often went out on the streets of skid row to talk with the homeless. I found it enjoyable and relaxing. … More Death Threat