Shining Future

Tonight I am filled with the riches of the life I have led for 70+ years; full of the love of my family and friends that includes people literally from all over the world. Also full of incredible risks and adventures. travel, music, accomplishments and painful failures. Underneath all my memories is my love of … More Shining Future

A Heavenly Dream

I have had several dreams given to me from time That have helped me. One of them was about Heaven. In this vision, I was just outside a structure about the size and dimensions of a high school gymnasium. The building was my heavenly home. It was being prepared for my arrival at some unknowable … More A Heavenly Dream

Love Me Tender

.The mercies of God are truly immense. I have the freedom to ask for God’s wisdom for my daily life. I have personally experienced spiritual and emotional healing at an ever increasing depths. God has given the love and respect of friends and family and so much more. I am certainly grateful for these enormous … More Love Me Tender

Confused Turtle

Did you hear about the turtle that was attacked by a vicious gang of snails? When the detective asked the turtle, “Tell me what you remember about the attack”. The turtle responded. “I am so confused about the attack. Everything happened so fast.”