More About Evelyn

I am going to be at my family’s home in Ellensburg on Christmas. For a poor guy I get to travel pretty often. I enjoy a beautiful off my 8th floor .balcony facing East. Sunrises are often breathtaking. Two years ago I went to Arlington tp be with my sister Evelyn who recently died. I … More More About Evelyn

Good Ideas 2

The following ideas have helped me. I like days that my Out-box goes down more than my In-box goes up. I need to be my own best friend instead of my own worst enemy. Give me this day my daily love, and my hourly hug. HALT Hungry Angry Lonely Tired Each of the above emotional … More Good Ideas 2

Good Ideas 1

Said by a wonderful program friend after she had lost an expensive necklace: “My life is no better or worse because I lost my necklace”. The most important things in my life are not things. I put on sanity in the mornings just like I put on my clothes. What kind of person do I … More Good Ideas 1

Surprising God

I like to say God is surprising. No matter how good I think God is it turns out she/he is better. When I worked at the Mission there was a very elderly retired Baptist preacher that liked to sit in the chapel.His name was Henry. I loved him dearly. One day I was walking up … More Surprising God

Am I Prejudiced

When my 4 girls were in middle school one of them asked me a tough question. She asked “Dad are you misoganistic? The girls often surprised me with the words they used to express themselves. I said “I don’t think any man raised in this culture can guarantee he is free of prejudice against women. … More Am I Prejudiced

Man And Woman

This afternoon I watched “Saving Private Ryan”. The whole movie is about sparing a mother who had lost 3 sons in Second World War battles from losing her fourth son, Private Ryan. A squad was sent into a battle zone to find Private Ryan and to send him home. The Squad that was sent after … More Man And Woman