Suppose that one year when they all four were children I decided to give them a very fine new bike. I know they would all have been very grateful. They would have been all thrilled and happy with their Mom and me. That is gratitude; If I am a soloist and had just performed really … More Gratitude

Healing Growth

Growth is the prime indicator in Christ’s view of real honest faith. Not growth for growth sake, but healthy growth that leads to healthy fruit. “Some thirty fold Some sixty fold Some a hundred fold.” What is meant by fruit? The Apostle Paul gives us the definition of fruit. The fruit of the Spirit is … More Healing Growth

Am I Prejudiced

When my 4 girls were in middle school one of them asked me a tough question. She asked “Dad are you misoganistic? The girls often surprised me with the words they used to express themselves. I said “I don’t think any man raised in this culture can guarantee he is free of prejudice against women. … More Am I Prejudiced

Man And Woman

This afternoon I watched “Saving Private Ryan”. The whole movie is about sparing a mother who had lost 3 sons in Second World War battles from losing her fourth son, Private Ryan. A squad was sent into a battle zone to find Private Ryan and to send him home. The Squad that was sent after … More Man And Woman

Prayer Wisdom

About the time I turned 40 my Mom turned 70. I asked my “Mom, What do you know at 70 that you wish you had known at 40”? She instantly replied “I wish I had known that you can accomplish more in one hour of praying than 40 hours of working.”

Jumping Off

Today I want to write about how there is no difference between your righteousness and mine.  Any difference between how much we are in terms of who is the most righteous  a does not exixt because you are not my standard and I am not yours. The standerd is God’s holiness. That means we all … More Jumping Off


There is an old joke about perspective. “A man was walking through the woods and accidentally knocked over a beehive . The man took off running with the bees in hot pursuit. He came to a mud puddle, jumped in and sank clear to his ankles. That doesn’t sound to deep to you but you … More Perspective