Good and Sweet

I live in a really nice senior care facility. I am very happy here. As a part of the services I get, a woman cleans my room for me a few times a week. I am self conscious about it. I try to demonstrate my respect for her so she knows I do not feel like she is in a servant situation.

My daughters JoAnna, Jill, and Gina provide me with great treats which I need, otherwise I was going to bed some nights feeling hungry.

A few days ago, the woman came to clean my room. I quickly made a handmade note thanking her for her help and I included a handful of Hershey’s kisses from my daughters. I had left the note on the bed that she going to makeup for me. Her name is Norma.

She was leaving after cleaning without picking up the note. I grabbed the note and handed it to her, along with the kisses, on her way out. Norma stepped out of the room, then she spun around to me and said with tears in her eyes and voice, “You make me so happy!!”

Then the tears were in my eyes and voice.

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