God is Love

I think God is love is at least to me the most powerful idea ever written. Even for unbelievers, skeptics or atheists that are good citizens and fair people behave in ways that I can see those 3 words in their being and daily behaviors,

Right now I am asking if their are some people who have so cruel that our three words do not reach down to include them. Hitlers’ murderous  maybe 10 million people means I do not want to apply God is love when I think of them. Maybe the slave traders carting potential slaves to the west separate them from God Is Love. Also Josef Stalin might be in that category. I exclude you and I from the list of folks that have sinned away Gods grace.I also exclude you and I from that list.

I have watched TV docs that teach about nothingness, In The beginning God created the Heavens ‘and the Earth, That the Big Bang Theory of the the beginning of the universe.

If I use the word beginning I have to ask what comes before the beginning and the answer is nothing precedes the beginning. Before I began wring this I had not begun at all or I cannot use the word beginning. Nothing ever comes before the beginning, When the began nothing preceded the beginning or it was was not the beginning, That means that before the Universe began there was empty nothingness.

How bout the Hitler kind of evil  and God is love? maybe the slavers end up in total nothingness untouced by GOD IS LOVE

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