Years ago one of my nephews went fishing in the surf rocks near San Diego and landed a living Abalone, The meat was delicious but not very large, I have that Abolone shell as part my apt decor containing some small plants display given to me by my Jo Anna. I love that display, I have wonderful daughters.

To me, That shell speaks of how capable I am to live in the reality of All the goodness of the good things and in next moment operate out of the terrible beatings and vicious sexual abuse.

I had to learn that I would never get rid of the bad memorizes. One writer said that a stone that falls off a fence the stone remains a stone but a boy that faals off a fence will always be the boy that fell off the fence, In Al anon would a;ways have the bad feelins. I could not empty the bad events in my memories so I had to find serenity by dealing with the bad stuff relentless througn tha program. That abolone shell will never be alive again but it can contribute to the beauty of my home.

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