AT LUNCH TO DAY AT THE SENIOR DARE SIGHT WHERE LIVE. I am clear that the rope o a judge is not mine, My assignation is forever loving those people I encounter. A lovely blonde wanted to sit down at my luncheon table. I told her no because becaquse an elderly lady has gotten. had gotten my attention, I was sure I could help the black lady. . I failed at helping her and made here humiliation deeper. I do not want to be a bigot about Black people which is important part of who I am, But the poor position the black lady was made worse by my attention,

The overall result wase the one person I could have loved the blonde lady was visibly wounded because she was a friend of mine. The black lady was also wounded because of the bad treatment she received from bigotted people around her. I failed at what I hoped to do, Now that seems like was in a no win situation,

What was I Supposed to do?. The answer is to walk in the Holy Spirit. I have sought the help of the Holy Spirit and that also gives me th help I need, That walking in the Spirit is not a one time deal it is a total lifestyle.,

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