Hong Cong Lady

I had dinner in the dining hall where live in my Senior Living Facility, I sat at a table with a lady from Hong Cong, It took an effort on my part. I think she was telling me she had a son and a daughtter in the US she could not phone some how was not able to get her on the phone, I gave here my room number and invited her to stop by any time. I do not thing she will come by but i can look for her at breakfast in the morning,

I am shocked at how many of the elders living here have sort of been dumped at this facility, I live here but my daughters keep in touch with me and helping me. . I am so blessed, A line of mine that people here enjoy hearing is “I hve four sisters, four daughters and four Grand Daughters, They mostly feel sorry I had no sons. I do have four Sons in Law that are wonderful men,

That means they are sons that do not get plastered and into trouble. I lik having sonse sons like that.

I like living here, My goal is to make true contact and friends

with lots of residents people living here,

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