ME vs My Dad

My dad could fix any thing, I saw it over and over. I once thought I woul replace the toilet in our then house. It worked fine except the only way you could turnoff the water flow completely was to turn on the hot water in the sink.

I have a very fine heating unit in my room where I live. for keeing This Senior living facility is wonderful. I needed heet so they showed me how to turn on. It seemed simple to me to turn the heat on.

They finally agreed that for me tha best solution for me was to give me a blanket, . I am at running this computer right. I love it for doing my writing. I do not quite how to use it. I feel comfortable as i write this. have two things going for me. One is that I seem to be able to write when I want to. The other is that my Son In Law Chad lives close by. He seems be able to fix my computer problems prety muc by patting it as he walks by. I have faith I will get better and better at running my hp machine. I also know that my three daughters are experts at running me hp machine .I will master my computer in time because I love writing things to you and I mean you!!!!, So far I havw published things consistently, I have sent out a a few thousands so far,

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