I think the privilege of asking God for his will is a generous Gift of God to me, By God. That is because on my own I have made divisions thatb have worked out well for me. For example.bring Dad to my girls was a great decision. I am sorry for how one of my daughters of the four has been a grief to me but I certainly do not regret that decision but neither one of us have lived out the years of our lives as yet so there is still hope for us.

I once decided to move to Boston for a year. I loved that year but I am sory I have lost contact with them. As I write these words I am glad that led me to live in Bostion, Most of the times my decision are a mixed. bag’

Now in my very elder years I have this plan.

I want to do Gods each day,

I want to to make sure I still want to do Gods will when tomorrow comes around. I learned years ag that it a waste of time to seek Gods will if I do not want Gods timing too.

I understand that the way I can seek God is to realize that God is really great at making bad decisions turn into wonderful decisions

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