Many decades ago when I was CEO of the Union Rscue Mission in Los Angeles I made a big mistake, The Mission had two off campus ministries , One of them was for young guys between 18 and 25 who had between more and less in the street. This program program had did fine job preparing these guys for a better life. At the mission every thing we could do in English we also could do in Spanish, This time we granulating about a dozen guys who were about half English speaking and half and half Spanish speaking,.

I was extremely busy at the time working on getting a new building for the main mission facility. In my effort I had nearly forgot to pay attention to the Young Men’s program, We were granulating 12 or so young men. I rushed over to give them the attention they deserved, We were giving them a steak dinner.spoke to the Englesh guys first. I pretended like I was going to eat their stakes first. They responding if I did I was going to get hand stabbed, We all had a good laugh.That worked so well I wanted try the same trick On the non E on the othern guys next , Of course we had Bi Lingual sttaff as the program leaders of the group.

Then I tried out my High School Spanish, i want to eat your meat, The Bilingual leader “I do not know what you thougt you were saying but he thinks the President of Union Rescue Mission just made a pass at him.

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