I live in a senior living facility, They arrange for me to have Breakfast,Lunch, and dinner each day, The meals are not Gourmet but they are tasty and give me a very good supply of the nutrition adequate for me to be healthy as I continue to age.

At meal time a lineup of residents wait outside the dining room waiting to be allowed in the dining room at thee scheduled time for that meal to be served. I love that part of my day,

Usually there is a bunch of us socializing in the hallway socializing and enjoying each other, For those folks that have been made a little or a lot weakened by age we gladly give them any help they need,

I am 84 years old and find that most people think I am in good shape for a man of my age, I use a a great walker given to me by the VA Medical center in Long Beach, CA. I can still walk in a limited way but I use my walker every where except in my roum/apt, Having a fall is a very dangerous think for me. I fell in the shower once and once in my room. That is two too many falls to have,

As I have always been a good walker.. I also love to write.Back aways I published a book. I also kept a personal log that now includes several hundred short essays about the events of my life. In The 7th grade my teacher told us we could avoid writing the essay she assigned or if we wanted to do the essay verbally.I always did it verbally after that.

I see no reason for me to live 5 0r 10 more years, I am glad for the promise of Heaven I have but nice as it seems for now I want to keep on living it up here on earth. I love my life very much these days, HEAVEN CAN WAIT!!

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