When I was CEO at Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles one of my favorite people at the Mission was an elderly retired black retired minister who had ministered in the American South, His name was Charles,

Charles always dressed in a dark suit and tie, In addition winter or summer would wear very warm full body underclothes. . I once asked him why he wore clothing that were so hot.

He answered I am still am one of God’s ministers,. I must dress to show my respect to my calling.That made good sense to me.

One time as I passed him where he always sat in the Chapel I patted his shoulder.and said God is so good. He did not respond. That wasI unusual, I wondered if I had hurt him, I turned around to ask if I had hurt him. With a very serious face he looked at me and said : :He is better that that.:

Inever before realized he spent all day every day meditating and fellow shining with God like he was in a catholic retreat center.

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