It is after one AM and I have not been to sleep yet,I live in a senior living facility,There is a man who cries out loudly sometimes in the middle of the night, At this moment it sounds like someone is trying to get him quieted down.with little success.His crying out out brings to my mind.

First I think of Jesus on the cross. crying out “My God my God why are you forsaking me?quoting Psalm 22., I remember that His suffering was for me, I am feeling the passage in The NT book of Hebrews, Who for the joy set before him endured the Cross. I am included in the people that give him joy and so are you.

When I was a boy I lived in Tucson,Sometime our church would invite the A traveling preacher to preach every night for a week. The one I remember is Merv Roseell. He was a very funny preacher, I liked my feeling of delight every service, At some pointin his sermon he switched to how some people there who would end uup in Hell. When I went to bed that night I clossed my eyes and accepted and accepted Christ as my savior over and over again untiil I had prayed that prayer enough not to go to Hell. I did that as I tried to go to sleep; All that was my frightened anguish,

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