I live in a senior care facility, Many times I have heard a man shouting :Help, Help help at the top of his voice, It seems to me to be a shout from a man badly damaged by his war time experiences.

Of course that is only what I hear and may be caused by something else altogether, There is plenty in our culture nationally to make a person have a badly damaged and frightened cry for help.

I have no contempt for this mans suffering and shouting. I pray for him. I have dealt with enough suffering to sometimes need to shout too, I am thinking about the time when I was 15 that my dad shot himself with my gun and with a bullet I put oin his hand..

Being 15 at the time I naturally blamed myself. It took a long time for me to get past my self blame, For decades now I have been past that problem, Still I can remember my suffering enough to only have sympathy for what ever causes my neighbor where I live to cry-out for help.

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