I am 84 years old now. I live in a senior care facility. It is a good place for me. I feel secure here for hoever long I live,

The staff here is very warm and accepting of any thing I want or need. When I see them in a hall way they call me Mister George.

It is a rare privilege to be as healthy and aware as I am. I want to live for at least 14 years more although 20 more years is fine with me.

I enjoy my meals here and while the food is not exactly fancy it is tasty and and nourishing. I receive good nourishing enough to help me live many more years,.

My desire to live many more years means I need to work for good walking and clear thinking.for all my remaining years, The loving concernin of my daughters is mine forever and theirs from me all my days.


  1. My goal is 95 – most of my life I worried about my weight but in the last 5 years I made some healthy choices and I’m pretty healthy now. A few years ago I saw an article about Ernest Borgnine and he lived to 95 and he was actually doing voice over work for Sponge Bob square pants up until a few weeks before he died – so when I saw that I thought – wow! Maybe I can live to 95 and still be active right up until the end! After all, Ernest Borgnine struggled with his weight too and yet he got healthier in his later years and lived to 95! So, that’s my goal – but when I get there, I’ll probably revise it to 101 🙂


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