When Hitler Dsappeared

I think that when I was a teen ager I read into +God what ever deep feeling I had buried and denied into God, Of course since I was was full of an anger I could not face and denied in my heart I read anger into to my picture of thr nature of God… God had to send sinners to Hell.

These days I feel God is loving and wants everyone to be welcomed in to the joy and piece of Heaven. The only thing that bother ms is what to do about Hitler. I can not imagine God just overlooking ing Hitlers darkness;

I have handled Hitler in the following way.I imagine God blowing at Hitler rand blowing him into totaal non existence, No history book even there. Hitler is totally nonexistence.He never ever existed in any way, I do not have a brother named Robert He does not existed. He was never consisted born or even conceived at all. In the same way there never was a guy called hitler, He was never conceived or thought of,

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