When I was only A few day old I got m a very serious case of the whooping cough. I was at the door of death. My coughing was nearly connstant and loud. My family was living with my grandparents at the time so was there were lots of big sisters and aunts and uncles to help care for me. One of them had to be by me 34 hours a day. They all feared I would die on there watch.

In in a month or so I was much better and life was easier and more relaxed, Over the years I believe that my hard illness said for God that life was not going to be easy but if I endured I could get through OK. :Lots of people have told me I was very much known to be good as a person able to endure, When I was working as CEO of union rescue mission a reporter Of the Los Times said he had been talking to street people and they told him I was good at getting things done. That felt very good.

One of the results of my ability to get things done was that one of the members of my family they were sent by another family member for help. I was told that much into my adult life. In a way I liked being in that position.

It becme a problem later because I had a Messiah complex,That gave me the feeling that I had to solve all problems’. One night I stayed up all night devising a plan to end the homelessness problem. My Good an faithful big brother said you can not solve your own proplems so I do not think you can get rid of the homeless problem.

As is said in the new testament that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. I did not get healthier because of the learning concepts, I get better by gaining experience. I love that,

Someone has said the the only thing god gives us and expects from us is what the New testament calle us in one place is the gift of “Long suffering,


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