When Jesus Cleansed Out the temple in Jerusalem he probably was not as upset with the retail sales going on selling religious favors giving entry to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem as he was that this activity benefited the rich at the expense of the impoverished folks. These people wanted to worship God they did so with funds they really could not afford. There desire to worship God was so important to them it allowed the well off to become even better off so out came the whip,

I am retired and live on my social security retirement, There are Republican politicians that want to take the moneyI live on away from me.That reminds me of the time Jesus cleansed the temple. I think these politicians are risking the wrath of God taking away the advantages this country has enjoyed foe so long.

We think we are rich because of of our brilliance when in fact we are where we are as a world wide power because it served the plans of God for the world welfare. We risk loosing our wealth. Already the country is so combative that we are destroying ourselves.


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