I did not get much sleep last night. I fell asleep about Two or so. and woke up 4 or so. You might think I would be in a rough mood but I did not.

The abiding mood for me these days Is as the decades roll by a really good future appears to be headed my way, I do not have fear of my future.

I got to thinking about the facts that are true for me. I have no car. I had to give it up when I realized that my driving skills were lacking, That was a blow to my until I realized maybe that most of the 7 billion people on earth do not have cars and get along OK.

Still, cars are so much fun especially when I was a teenager and had a beautiful, excitable girl.

What I do understand is that when the great happy decades are all here any thing that would be good for me will be mine, At first I wanted my old 34 Ford coupe back. Loved my first car for sure, Still, if in our Centuries I get a new car why not a Electronic Mercedes coming my way I have got a huge White Horse to ride ??????? Oh well, it will be great Love , George Caywood.

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