I am wanting to spend a lot of my time in these my elder years thinking about love. I think if God is love then love is God. I like thinking that way because it causes me to imagine that love is in some way eternal and absolute. It makes me want to see how deeply and widely I can understand and imagine love,

If I do not know the name of a single person in Africa can I still love the people of Africa? The fact is I think I do love the African people. I have been very interested in the black people of South Africa. Do I love those people? Is that possible? If love is God and God loves them it feels to me that I can experience Gods love for them right here in my Apartment in Long Beach Californian this tenth day of August., 2022.

It feels like there is much to learn about God and love. I want to spend my hours and days expanding and learning incredible things ever more deeply about the love that is God and the God that ismisunderstand love. I don’t mind going off the deep end as I learn and unlearn over and over again things I will likely will misunderstand,

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