The idea of making amends is very foundational in all 12 step programs. My 30 year run was with Al Anon. AA is for the abusive drinkers. A drunken Household produces a partner in the marriage may start with endless efforts to control the the drinkers drunken drinking. That effort is perfectly defeating as the an use the nagging effort as a reason to drink.

For the situation to improve, The non drinkers must become the sole responsibility of the drinker.. That leaves the Al-anon partner to use the ideas of the 12 steps to heal himself or herself.

This writing was suggested by The Lords Prayer. It read +Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors ,

To Jesus he died for our sins, I want to follow Jesus and do for you what Jesus did for me,

That Idea that is a powerful force for me right up to this very Day, Hour and minute,


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