When My Really Good Friend Died

Dianne was in a small fellow ship group with me for 30 years or so, She was as good as friend as we all could have had.

Her husband was Mike. They were both full of Texas charm. Diane died of Cancer after a long battle. She was wonderful all the way through. We all loved her so much. For me she gives me good and even joy as I consider my arrival in Heaven to see her.

For awhile I was thinking of her joy at being with God. I knew God was also with me as I lived out my life with God. Diane is face to face and I am with God in a less total sense.

I spent a lot of time thinking about these things and came to a new understanding. You and I are with God as fully as Dianne is. We have the Word of God that said : I will never leave you or forsake you.

I have also read of God being great joy to people throughout History in horrible circumstance that caused real threats to their their families that knew joy and peace while they suffered and were threatened by there circumstances.

As I thought about these faith stories it seemed to me that there was no difference between Dianne experience in Heaven and the experience of the people who joyfully knew Gods real presence while they lived in this world. They were people who had invested time and energy getting to know God over many years.

Diane went through death and experienced God in this life and then died and was entered heaven Gods Presence. Other people paid the price seeking God in this life. That means I can know I can experience experience with God as Diane did here on earth and then when she died and went to Heaven. I want to make the daily effort to stay in touch with God and then die and continue my journey to seeing Diane as she did and then join Diane in Heaven.


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