Living In The Right Now

God has promised me the strength I need for today.. Sometimes I think God remembers with great pleasure our time with when we shared the Garden of Eden with him. Each day He came to The Garden and enjoyed all that beauty and intimacy we shared . I believe that God wants to share this day with him in the pattern of the Garden of Eden .Because sin entered the Garden we lost our access to the garden.

The day I am writing this is the Fourth of July in the year 2022. I want share this day with God and you . I live in an apartment by myself. I have a very enjoyable life but at this moment I feel lonely. I want to share this day with God and you and to make this day like as if I am going to enjoy it with God in my own modern day one day at a time in this modern day as a day in The Garden of Eden with God.. All my 83 years of living tells me that when I crawl into my bed tonight I will be thankful for such a good day.

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