Some Meaning

When I was growing up I never dreamed about what career I wanted the chase.My dreams were all about being a dad. I wanted several kids I could raise. In time I ended up with four daughters to raise. My girls have given me feedback now that are grown that I have been a good father, That means so much to me.

Maybe my relationship with them made the two recent mass murders in New York and Texas were so tough for me to deal with.Really It was decades of mass murders that piled up on me and so deeply troubled me. The final blow was when I read that this years Memorial Day was hit by many mass murders. The day we celebrate the men and women that died serving our country had been marked by more dying added to it.

Maybe the families of children who died in Texas can have some comfort in the fact that the horrid deaths of their young children resulted in some progress being made in some beginning laws for gun control are on there way.

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