Things Work Out

Many years when I was Just a boy my family was having a hard time making ends meet. That worried me very much..

I went to my dad nearly in tears. I said “Daddy what are we going to do? about paying the rent.

He looked at me and smiled. put his arm around me and said “It will all come out in the wash”.

I instantly felt calm and at peace again.

These days many decades later I have learned to live in peace most days. I have learned the Meaning of the verse “God is love”

When I am fearful I take time to remember that God loves me all day every day for all of eternity.

The truth is god loves every one in the world all day every day every day for all eternity,. In the end when we all get to Heaven we will all know we are loved with a total and complete love and respect. It in fact it really does “All come out in the eternal wash

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