Many years ago one of my daughter who was in the early months of high school asked me if I was prejudiced against woman. This was a very important question for me to answer as I had four daughters, Here is how I answered her question.

I said “I do not think that anyone who like me was raised in America can be sure he treats woman with respect every opportunity he is given. But I can promise you this. As soon as I see prejudice in me or my behavior I will stop immediately and repent.

All these years later I feel the same way if about racial prejudice. It may appear in my life but I will deal with it as soon as it appears. It is so wrong of me if I allow prejudice of any kind to go without dealing with it with God’s help.

I think of the old hymn “Just As I Am” God always has been in my life on a just as I am basis. My walk with God does not require me to achieve any change. My salvation is all God’s love for me PERIOD! If you doubt that you should read the last few lines of Romans 8.

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