After That The Judgment

The title above comes from New Testament book of Hebrews. I was been frightened by that verse from the time I read it as a boy. As I have thought about it as I have grown up I see it very differently. Without a doubt my better understanding of the depth of God’s eternal love for me and you.

It is very clear to me that none of us are going to Hell. Roman’s 3: 23 says that all have sinned. That is easy for me to believe as I have experienced my 83 year battle to do the right thing. The next verse Romans 3:24 says all of us have been justified by God.

Here is my understanding of what being justified means. I learned a nice little definition of of being justified in Sunday School as a a young boy, Being justified means that It is “Just like like I never sinned”.

Here is how I think about it now. I imagines standing before God. God is lovingly Is the Courts ruler Satan is my accuser. To me it feels like Satan correctly accusers me. The next person that argues in my behalf is Jesus. He say’s “I died for all of George’s sins”. I am completely forgiven so I get to go to Heaven and live in the joyful, discovery of all in which God has prepared for me to delight in forever.

There is another verse that sort of corrects the picture I wrote about above. It amazes me that at my judgment day. I will be completely filled with Joy. It is going to be a wonderfully exciting and happy experience for me. That is also what you have every right to expect for yourself.

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