Easter Joy

The two great events of the life of Jesus give us our two greatest spiritual celebrations, Christmas and Easter, To me, Easter is the more wonderful.

I am 83 years old now and it will not be long before I will be 84. I am very thankful that for my age I am really very healthy. I know that many people I have dearly loved are enjoying Heaven now.

Forget sitting on a cloud playing a Harp. Our God and His son are far more creative that that. For one thing I have never desired to learn to play a harp. My desires run to the playing the piano or a guitar. i am smiling right now thinking about a piano being played on a cloud by me at my 200 pounds,

At my age I think my death is moving steadily toward me say by day. The Resurrection of Jesus comforts me with new life and new heretofor unimagined joys lie before me in Heaven. I feel very sure that playing a piano skillfully is waiting before me.

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