The word hope is used in very many different ways. I might say I hope someone will give me a red mustang car, The likelihood of that happening is so distant that it nearly empties the word hope of meaning.

Suppose a child sees a gift with his name on it under the Christmas tree, That hope is very real and will be satisfied when the gifts are opened during the Christmas celebration when the passage of time necessary passes.

I have a life enriching Hope I will go to Heaven when I die. In some ways that hope is similar to the to the child’s Christmas hope above in that the hope is satisfied after the passage of time. It is different from the child’s hope in that my hope is so strong that I have absolutely no doubt any where in me that I will go to heaven when I die. in fact I often delight myself thinking about seeing My Dad and Mom and other family members and friends in heaven.

I love to imagine the Jesus id going to throw a great big picnic the when I first get to Heaven so I can enjoy all the people I am so glad to see. I also look forward to making some apologies to people I have hurt in my current life.

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