I remember thinking to myself that I could endure one year of the pandemic then life would revert back to normal living. I will just tough it out for awhile and then restart my normal life with lots of Al Anon meetings to be enjoyed with dear friends, I was shocked to find out that I was going to be asked to deal with a new pandemic disease but I was fully vaccinated so I can deal with another version of a pandemic disease and then get my life back to normal.

Whats is clear to me now that another disease will follow the last one and then another and another and another will follow on and on. I expect to be wearing a mask for the rest of my life.

But since I am already 83 that one day in a relatively short am going to die. I love what The apostle Paul said. “To die is gain ” Heaven seams like a wonderful adventure to me and I am absolutely sure there will be no masks in Heaven except when we go to one of the parties Jesus will throw for us.

Love you very much, George

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