With wars going on in Uganda and new disease’s coming one after another . It is so true that I have so much going for me I have a question for myself. I love God when things are good for me. The question is will I still love God the same if In my life turns to disease being very painfu. and wars start coming to to my life

I do not think I will have to face trial and tribulation but horrible wars but I was born in 1938 so my entire life when I was in grade school the when world walked into World. War11. I:t did not ruin my life but I know that 6 or seven millions of people really suffered because of that war.

I hope nothing like that happens in my life time time and do not expect that but that happened then so, it could happen or more time. .Here is the point I am making. I want to love God in the bad time and th good times and in all the in boring in between times too.

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