My Bad Situation

When I was in my twenties, 60 some years ago, I had a social problem. I had a very bad inferiority complex. I realize now that most people had the same problem. One Psychologist said that the question really not do you suffer in that way. Instead the question is “How Bad is it”?

In addition, unbeknown to me, I had a very strong personality. When I approach you I felt I was lacking in emotional strength so I jacked my strength up in order to be able to compete. That meant I overwhelmed people with my strength thinking “Maybe now I can be equal to you”.

It took a long time for me to be able to adjust. My brother David helped me as did my son in law Eric, They both kept telling me “You are a great man”. As I matured things evened out for me And I had a good productive life but In my heart I worry that other wonderful people in my life feel overwhelmed still. If that is you all I know to do is apologize. Most people are people that are in a loving relationship with me. I owe that to 25 plus years in a 12 Step program and the grace of my family.

Love you all, George

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