None Other Has Ever Known

You may recognize that lone from the beautiful song “I Come To the Garden Alone”. I was listening and singing along one day earlier this week. It hit me that your walk with Jesus is the same as mine yet different from mine, It is the same as mine in the it begins for most of us at some specific point in our lives we become aware of and accept the fact that we have the amazing realization that we are being offered a life time of walking with God as Eve and Adam were once offered that wonderful privilege too.

However your experience of being with Jesus is different than mine because Jesus is ever having new things he has chosen to experience at this moment. There is absolutely nothing the least bit boring about Christ He Is constantly refreshing Himself.

That means what I experience with him today and all day today Jesus is new to me and your experience is forever new, So what ever I experience while I write this moment has the element of newness. I love to talk with you. It is like a cold drink on a hot day, It blesses me.

love George

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