Trust Vs Fear

I am getting older and it seems to me I am aging faster and faster. I am 83 years old and I am fearful of being 84 and 85 and 86 and so on. I have my dear family and a God who is ever faithful to me. That suggested a question I need to answer. When has the time God and my family let me down in all the years I have lived all those decades now and I have never been failed so far,

That does not say that I have never been seriously frightened in the past. I have been so scared that it was hard to relax and enjoy my life. The truth is on each passing day I could have relaxed if I had trusted the goodness around me on this day

The secret for me was to remember I only live one day at a time. I have the grace I need today. I have grace for today only. I will have the grace I need tomorrow when tomorrow gets here. I always have what I need I need today. My problem comes when in my mind when I try to see the grace i will need over the next 90 days. I simply cannot make one days grace cover me for three months in advance. If I try to live months to to that I am doomed to a life of constant fear. L love you very much and I do mean you!!

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