Be Kind

I think that most healthy spiritually people think it the right thing to do. However. though I agree with that thought I also think it is the funnest thing to do. I enjoy being nice to people. I do recognize that when I greet others joyfully some people think I am being nice in order to gain some benefit over them.

When I have that happens to me I quickly forgive the person. I think that person has been treated poorly for most of their life. . I feel sorry for them because I was so abused as a boy so I understand how they think.

In my case I think of The Noah Story in the Old Testament. There is a verse that says “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord “. I enjoy my life not because I was so noble in my behavior because I was not all that noble. My secret is that I found God,s grace which makes my growth toward happiness is pure and simply God’s kindness toward me. Part of that grace is I really enjoy myself as I greet people as l live out my life one day at a time.

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