Tough Times

Sometimes I have linked God’ love for me to a time where I am a moving through a prosperous time in my life. When things are great it is a wonderful time to be grateful to God. Today is a good time for me. That does not mean that this day is good in every single way. The pandemic is causing me to live alone in my one bedroom apartment cutoff from many of my normal 12 Step connections.

Still, I have wonderful daughters to help me. Even the deep joy my daughters is not flawless. One of my girls has chosen to completely cut me off from her life.My thought I have is I need to trust God’s love in the the best of times and in the worst of times.

I live close to the Pacific Ocean and I enjoy having all my needs met financially speaking. when I say that I must remember that in my childhood I was often hungry, In fact on one occasion I passed out from hunger. I also have to remind myself that when I was fifteen my dad committed suicide with my gun.

Much of the people in the worlds population are intimately linked to hunger and suffering. That may be less true in previous decades and centuries but knowing that means we all need to trust and praise God in when things are good but especially when things are tough. I remember the verse which says in every thing give thanks in the both the good and the difficult days.

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