Freedom is God’s most valuable gift to mankind. Sometimes when I feel God is not answering me it is because if God answered me He could only do so by compromising my freedom. animals can only respond to their in stinks.. I know dogs that I love and that seen to love me. First here with near me are two dogs named Hanna and Thor. They are both Retriever German Shepherd mixes.

It is such a fun thing to drive over to Chad and Gina’s place. The both are in effect watch dogs and bark fiercely at passer byes from behind a a tightly closed front door. It is different when I go over. as soon as they they smell me I hear a beautiful mix of barking and whining for me. I love it. I am in the uncle role. Chad takes on all the training which makes the dogs so well behaved. All that is left for me is to play with them and pet them.However. If Gina walks into the kitchen they lose all interest in me and they run to the door of the kitchen hoping for a treat. As Chad says “Food trumps all other desires”

Freedom is a unique only given to humans;

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