The Old Guy Writes Again


I am glad for the help that surrounds me now that I am 83 years old. I have a lovely apartment, a good car and sweet daughters and wonderful men they have married. The apartment building in which I live is 10 stories and ally to street footprint. It is extremely well run and cared for.

I have learned a few things. One is never allow my car to move unless I am actually driving it. I have very nearly let it roll into a beautiful little car yesterday. I acted to stop the car about 4 fingers from the other car. I give God the credit for saving me a mess,

My Daughter Gina and her husband Chad live 2 or three miles from me Gina has a wonderful job at Cal State Long Beach Step That leaves Chad free to help me out as I need it.

Chad is simply put a very kind good man. He just meets my needs and almost subconsciously because he is such a good man. I am going watch the Super Bowl with them in a few days. I love It.

They have two wonderful dogs German Shepard. retriever mix. When I get near to their place they smell me there first. They are good watch dogs . The sit by the front door screen letting every passerby know they are on guard.

I love it when I go over there. The barking goes from fierceness to a loving whine as I approach The front door. Gina and Chad get them well settled before the open the door so they don’t knock me over. I love them so much, There names are Hanna and Thor

I love the uncle roll. The parents do the parenting and then I do the loving and and spoiling thing that I love..

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