Growing Old

Yesterday I had an old man experience. I went grocery shopping. I loaded all the groceries in the back of my suv and drove off. People started yelling at me. I stopped to see what was causing all the excitement. I found out I drove off without closing the back door of my car, It worked out fine and I reloaded the groceries in the car and went on my way. Later I realized that I had lost my half a gallon of milk.

I learned an important lesson. All my life I had a tendency to be in a hurry. I learned that being in a hurry at age 82 was not a good idea. over the next month or so I will practice slowing down. Over last few years I have learned many things to help me adjust to my age, I think there will be many more opportunity to keep adjusting.

As the years go by I will get closer and closer to 90 years old. A life style that that works well at 82 does not work at all at 92. My wonderful daughters have helped me have the financial ability to go to a good retirement facility.

All my life I have loved helping people who needed loving help. Earlier my career was running Rescue Missions. Later I became active in Al- Anon. Of Course I always hoped I had helped people half as much as they helped me. If a retirement facility is in my future there is no reason why They can help me and I will help them just as much as I help them.

I am still the same person I was in my twenties, I will have to give up many abilities I treasured in my younger years. At the same time I will develop new skills I will enjoy. I will not allow dread of old age to diminish the years I am living right now.

The power that gives me the help I need each day is summed up in a short Bible verse that says “God is Love”. The better I understand that reality the more joyful these days will be,

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