In my walk with God I have learned many things. One of the most important is that God has never promised me a miraculous answer to my every problem.What then has God promised to give me? God always gives me the endurance I need to walk through the hard things I have to face on this day. I have walked through my father’s suicide committed with my gun when I was 15 years old. I had to deal with the deep feeling of shame that was mine at the time. I had to learn over the years that in no sense was the suicide my fault. I leaned that when I forgave my dad I did not have to say it was OK with me that he killed himself. I just needed to realize that the same grace that daily sweeps away my sins has swept away my dad’s sins away also.I have also learned that the grace God gives me is for today to help me endure today. Tomorrow I will be given fresh grace designed to help me walk through tomorrows problems.

I have also learned that along with endurance I need live to day by in hope there is God’s powerful rewards given to us when we endure by faith in God’s love and strength. When we endure in our faith we gain wisdom and grace that blesses every moment of every day we live.

The wisdom and grace I gain by an enduring faith will enrich every I will live for the the rest of my life. When I let go and let God on this day I grow emotionally and spiritually. That spiritual and emotional strength blesses every moment I will subsequently live.

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