1 Someone said “Resentment is poison I take to hurt you”

2 I deeply resented that my Dad used my 22 caliber riffle to kill himself. I was 15 at the time

3 I have sometimes shared at my Al-Anon meetings about how I dealt with my resentment over my dad’s suicide, inevitably during the meeting or personally after the meeting someone shared how someone they loved had killed themself. When that happened I prayed “Dear God, I hope that I helped my dear friend half as much as I was helped by our sharing,

4 I simply could not find help in my getting my healing as long as it was my secret. My sub conscience is very fertile ground. Resentment over my dads suicide buried in my heart multiplied and spread to resenting other people. Often someone who had said something that in my imagination hurt me. It exploded into another bullet went deep.

5 Sharing my pain with a loving group helped. Especially if from there own experience understood how I hurt. That sharing gradually eased my pain.

6 When I first started sharing my pain I did it in part over the radio on the missions weekly radio broadcast. That was a disaster. It cost me my job. I was very foolish.

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