I Am So Tired

This Pandemic is wearing me out. That is part of my exhaustion but some of it is due to the fact I am 82 years old, More is due to me staying up well past midnight watching documentaries because I so enjoy learning things. Last night I watched one on cats. Fantastic !!

Another factor is I miss talking to you. I sometimes comfort myself by dreaming od sponsoring a huge beach party here in Long Beach California where I live. We would play football in the sand. We would play keep away where you have to drop out of the game if your feet get wet in the surf. We would have a barbecue too. I love hot dogs. I like to bury potatoes in the sand and build a fire over them. When I have done that I tend to burn the potatoes but I have discovered the butter with which I had drenched everything.

In truth I am remembering the way I picnicked on the beach with my brother and sisters when I was 12 or 13. You can’t build fires on the beach in most places . However, writing about my boyhood beach parties did the job. I am now feeling deeply refreshed. Writing to you all does wonders for me. Love, George.

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