I Am A Good Man

To the title above, I need to add you are a good person too . It is common to people raised in this sick culture to be far more likely to assume the worst about ourselves than we are likely to see the wondrous truth about ourselves.

I believe that from the creation story in Genesis we have been taught a wicked lie. We are tempted to see the reality of Adams sin as an example of of the evil lie of something called “Original Sin” Nothing could further from the truth than this idea of “Original Sin”

Original sin was dreamed up by men [ Not women, males] who want to have the ability to control their woman. If I express their thinking I would say “If I destroy her self image I can dominate her and make her do what I want,

Among the gifts we that are being denied is woman’s wonderful preaching. The New Testament in the book of Acts says “Woman prophecy”. Prophets speak for God. Why is it then that woman are criticized for speaking for God in sermons? One of the reasons I quit going to church is that too many men speak their ideas and deny the church the balance of women speaking their ideas.

Today, my life is full of strong women including my amazing daughters. Also in addition my girls and also in the beauty of the 12 Step movement I hear powerful, tender hearted, loving women that I prize and value very much.

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