My Look Out

A few minutes ago I wanted to reload a new head on my razor, It took a few minutes and the help of my reading glasses but I got it done. However. when I tried to shave I discovered I had installed the razor head backwards. I was trying to shave with the plastic part of the razor head that was meant to old the sharp part at the correct angle. I switched the head around and got a nice shave.

I am reminded of a time back several decades ago when I installed a new toilet in our home. It worked OK when I was done except when it was flushed the water kept running and did not shut off.

My eldest daughter Gina finally figured out that when you wanted the toilet to turn off all you needed to do was to turn the cold water in the bathroom sink on full blast. Her mom’s dad Burt came to the rescue and came up to Azusa where we lived from San Diego and straightened things out. Turns out Gina’s repair instincts are going to waste because she married the wonderful guy Chad. Chad is an expert on fixing things around their home.

I am writing this right now because I think God thinks it is time for me to hook up with a woman with whom I can be a life partner I want to find the right person like Gina has found her perfect match in Chad.

My sister Evelyn that is in heaven now once told me that I should never remarry unless God brought to me a woman who had been prepared from birth to be able to deal with my extreme intensity. I believe that was God’s voice coming to me through the mouth of my dear sister Evelyn.

I am certainly not asking you to be my matchmaker. I am fully convinced that the old system where the Father arranges the match is much better. My own picker has not worked all that well historically. However I know my original marriage was a gift from God to. I want to go back to that system and ley God do the picking.

I am asking you to pray that if God wants me to hook up again it will happen with the right woman and at the right moment. As a wise woman told me a long time ago it is no use wanting the what is of God’s will if you do not want the when of God’s will.

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