My Cheerleaders

My second daughter Jill and my youngest daughter JoAnna were really good athletes. We used to play basketball on our driveway when they were young teenagers so I knew they were very athletic.

I had their futures all planned. Jill, JoAnna and my oldest daughter Gina would play sports so I could go to their games and on my day off I would hone their athletic abilities in what ever games they choice to play. It was a beautiful plan.

However, a funny thing happened on their way to the basket ball court. Jill and JoAnna wanted to be cheerleaders and had no interest in playing ball. Gina was a good athlete but not a great athlete. Her strength was her brain. She became a good player on the basketball court because she was a very smart player. I loved going to her games.

I remember her coach said one thing about Gina on the basketball court is no matter how twisted she was when she caught the ball she maneuvered herself so when she shot the ball she was all squared up to the basket. That made me proud because I had taught that to her to do that.

Now back to my Cheer leading daughters. I finally accepted that Jill and JoAnna were not gong to play sports. I adjusted to them being cheerleaders. I decided to always cheer when they led cheers,

In my mind, the problem with them being cheer leaders was nobody in the stands actually cheered when they led the cheers. I decided I would always cheer when they were leading cheers.

All the other families and fans would sit in the stands at the games never cheering. Right in the middle of them I sat shouting out cheers. I was going to support to support my cheer leading daughters. I did not care in the least what the other spectators at the game thought. The people around me doubtless thought I was weird.

Not only that, I was going to cheer at the very loudest volume I could muster, I would more or less scream out the cheers. So week after week at every football game I always responded to their cheer leading efforts. I always loudly cheered out their cheers.

I finally accepted that Jill and JoAnna [AKA as Jo] were not gong to play sports. I adjusted to them being cheerleaders. I decided to always cheer when they led cheers,

About half way through the season I was at a game loudly cheering. Gina always came to the games. At this particular game Gina showed up late, When she got there she came up to me in the stands and had something to say . She said “Dad I appreciate your wanting to support your daughters as they lead cheers but when I got here and parked I could hear your voice in my car before I even opened the door.”

That was all she said. She wasn’t asking me to stop being so loud or to stop my cheering. She was just pointing out an interesting observation. I listened carefully and noted what she had said and then went back to my loud cheering.

One important result of my loud cheering was I thorough enjoyed the games. The non cheering fans were never into the games as much as me. I had a great time.

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