A Good and Helpful Insight

My mom was a very serious problem to me. My former wife’s mom was also big time trouble in my life.

One time when I was falling into a severe suicidal depression I went to my mom to ask her to pray for me.. I finally got her to pray. When she prayed she said God please help my son etc. At that moment her deeply buried love for me came to the surface. She called me “Her son”.

I got to perform Jill and Eric’s wedding. What a great time that was for me. The problem I had that day was my dearly loved nephew was in the process of dying in a hospital in Santa Monica while I was performing the ceremony. After the ceremony while everyone was enjoying the fellowship and food my former wife’s mom Elaine came up to me and sweetly said that it was a really wonderful ceremony.

As I write this I strongly feel Kingdom Of God fellowship with them I love and certainly welcome my tender felling to these two wonderful women of God.

If I remember the truth about both woman revealed by Elaine’s loving comment and my my mom calling me her son I begin to grieve about the depth of pain they had endured to be so hurt in a way that made them act i a way so troubling to me.

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