The Righteousness Of God

We are in a pandemic situation right now. This is not the first time we have suffered a pandemic and this pandemic is not going to be the last one. Decades ago we suffered a Cholera attack for example.

At the time of the Cholera disaster the back ground of religious belief was very dangerous. During the epidemic, religious folks thought the disease was sent from God as punishment for the sins of the people. On that basis terrible persecution fell first upon the black peopleandt also upon women.

In Genesis it is said that Abram believed God and it was counted as righteousness. Paul picked that idea up and taught us that human righteousness came to us by faith in Jesus. I certainly believe that to be true.

I think that since all scripture is God breathed.and since I can believe that I can believe God could breathe an idea into my head and teach me a different slant on that Genesis scripture. The new slant is that at the same time that God saw Abram as righteous because of Abram’s faith God also saw with pleasure that be Abram finally understood God to be righteous too.

In my own salvation story it was important for me to understand that the righteousness God gave me was in effect right now this minute. I do not have to wait until I get to Heaven to be fully righteous I am fully righteous immediately. As Paul says “If any man be in Christ he is a new creature” end of story no more discussion needed on the matter.

It is not humble to down play my own righteousness it is dangerous, it is lack of faith. It is not blasphemous to say God made me totally righteous. It is God’s righteousness that has made me whole. Making me whole is a righteous act on God’s part.

I think God is whispering that Genesis scripture in my ear right now to show me a different and wonderful thought. Instead of Abram telling me only that God accepted him by faith it is also a wonderful thing that God saw that Abram accepted God as righteous. That means that not only did God accept Abram as righteous it is also true that God loved it that Abram saw God as righteous.

It is also important that I understand God as Righteous. It is foolish of me to ascribe the painful behavior of my parents to God. I must always remember that God is love. It is always true that “God is love” and that” Love is God”. If judgemental behavior is coming to you from people who claim to speak for God it is in fact not even microscopically from God.

Similarly kind and loving behavior from people who never express any belief in God should be seen as from God. In fact, kindness and mercy should always be seen as a gift from God.

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