Pissed At TV Smoking

Like most of us in this tragic time in the history of the world I am watching lots of TV. I am protecting at home.

I like detective shows on TV. One of my favorites is a series called “George Gently”. I have watched episode after episode of this program. During my “George Gently” binge I have seen scores and scores of attractive, winning characters smoking.

TV is a very powerful advertising media. I have seen the Apple with a bite out of it computer insignia on computers often. I have also seen the Ford insignia on product placement advertising frequently. Apple and Ford spend huge amounts of money on these product placement ads because they are very powerful. advertising .

All the cigarette smoking on TV is also very powerful and effective advertising. Characters smoking in effect urge people to smoke.

Smoking must have some tiny effect on climate change.I guess I don’t really know that. I do know I would not want to move into an apartment previously occupied by a smoker. All that smoke tar and smoke must go somewhere. Smoking is also is a factor in who knows how many cancer deaths.

This health crises is killing yet an untold number of deaths. Let’s take whatever the death toll ends up being and multiply it by ten. The number of people that will die by smoking will be much larger and will also, like the Corona Virus, effect people around the world..

There are limits placed upon alcoholic advertising for young people. Why can’t we end all the advertising given Big Tobacco as a result of TV characters smoking.

I am not wanting or suggesting any specific action by the state government or national government. All I am just saying is I am really pissed.

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